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Reaction Plate Weight


Free Speed




Square Size


Range Metric


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Air Consumption


Output Speed (rpm)




Square Drive




Reac Plate Torque


Free Run Low Speed


Vel Ratio Low Speed


Free Run High Speed


Vel Ratio High Speed


Reac Plate Weight


Max Input Speed


Multiplication Ratio


Output Square


Input Square


Part number


Velocity Ratio


Plate Weight


Products - Pneumatic Torque Multipliers UAE


Pneumatic Torque Multipliers

PneuTorque® operation is extremely quiet, with noise levels of less than 85 dB(A) and no impacts. PneuTorques are more pleasant to use because of these two features, which reduce fatigue and hence increase safety. PneuTorques enable precise torque control; on a given joint, they will stall within 5% of the time. This peatability can be increased by 2% by using electronic shutoff. A powerful air motor drives a Norbar multiplier with three or more levels of epicyclic gearing in the PneuTorque®. Adjusting the air pressure allows for torque control. Each tool comes with an air pressure versus torque graph and a calibration certificate, allowing you to specify particular torque settings. PneuTorques can be fitted with a torque transducer for more critical applications.

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Part Number : PTM-119-4500-B Norbar PneuTorque PTM-119 Pneumatic Torque Multiplier 900-4500NM

Norbar PTM-119-4500-B

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