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A vice is a mechanical tool used in machining, woodworking, and assembly operations that is used to hold and secure workpieces. Vices give users a firm, steady grasp on the workpiece that enables precise, controlled manipulation. Vices usually have two parallel jaws—one fixed and the other movable—that are brought together to securely clamp the workpiece.
Usually constructed of hardened steel or another sturdy material, the jaws can withstand the stresses applied during clamping. Vices can be fastened using bolts, clamps, or other fastening techniques to a workbench, machine table, or other appropriate surface. vices can be found in sheds, factories, workshops, and garages all throughout the world, and with good cause. Across practically every industry, these extremely adaptable gadgets offer a vast number of useful applications. We have some miscellaneous Vices which will serve as a significant roll in daily industrial applications.

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