Isotech Calisto 4953 |30°C to 250°C Calibrator UAE

Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock
Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock

Part Number : Calisto 4953

These models will calibrate temperature probes from -45C to 250C with unrivalled flexibility. As a traditional Dry Block, several thermometers can be quickly calibrated.Accessories are available to convert to a stirred liquid bath, for surface sensor calibration, to calibrate infrared thermometers and even to use as an ITS-90 Fixed Point System with calibration uncertainties as small as 0.0005C. With excellent stability and distributed heating cooling zones for good uniformity these calibrators offer proven thermal performance.These award winning calibrators are easy to use and are available in three versions the Basic, the Site and the ADVANCED. The Basic has a digital display of set and nominal temperature, the Site additionally includes an inbuilt independent temperature indicator for a reference probe. The ADVANCED controller has inputs for reference and test thermometers with a further range of sophisticated features including automatic temperature cycling, secure data logging and full colour high resolution display.All models include I-Cal Easy LOG software and the ADVANCED models additionally include software to manage logged data and configure the unit, more details.These models meet the calibration capacity requirements of EURAMET/cg-13/v.01, EA Guidelines on the Calibration of Temperature Block Calibrators, formerly EA10/13. accuracy and best performance.

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