Dwyer Instruments RMA-7-SSV Flowmeter, 550 SCFH, Air, 2in Scale, +/-4% Accuracy, SS, Type RMS, RM Series UAE

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Part Number : RMA-7-SSV

The Rate-Master Flowmeter series offers direct reading precision flowmeters with a range of user-friendly features at an affordable price. These cost-effective flowmeters are well-suited for general applications. With easily readable scales and a design that eliminates the need for conversions, they feature brushed aluminum scales coated with epoxy, with graduations on both sides of the indicating tube. Special integral flow guides ensure stability of the float, preventing it from wandering in the bore. The float is highly visible against a white background. Constructed for accuracy, the flowmeter bodies are injection molded from durable, shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic around a precision tapered pin, providing consistent readings. The single-piece plastic body is mounted onto a stainless steel backbone with pipe thread inserts to absorb piping torque. Precision metering valves made of brass or stainless steel (specified as BV or SSV on order) allow for precise flow adjustments as optional extras. For vacuum applications, Model RMA units with top-mounted valves (specified as TMV) are available. Installation is straightforward, with options for through-panel mounting or surface mounting using tapped holes in the backbone. Through-panel mounting positions the instrument correctly using the bezel, while surface-mounted units can be secured with piping. All necessary mounting hardware, installation, and operating instructions are included. Bodies within the same series can be easily interchanged, allowing for flexibility in scale ranges without disturbing the piping. Cleaning is simple; removing four screws releases the plastic flowmeter body from the stainless steel backbone, enabling easy access for cleaning with soap and water before reassembly.

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