X750 HD | Industrial Pipe inspection camera with 5" touchscreen (detachable) , 800x480 Resolution and IP54 Camera head | Probe Length Up to 7m UAE

Brand : Image Brand
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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : X750

The X750 produces sharp photos and videos and is portable and durable. You may complete your duties in even the most difficult environments with the help of advanced imaging functions. With the entire system weighing only 1.2kg, the X750 is lightweight and portable. You can stay longer on the job site thanks to the interchangeable batteries' three hours of operation per unit. With our interchangeable insertion probes, you can adapt to even the most complicated applications. One-handed operation of the X750 is possible thanks to ergonomic design elements including roll-up tubes and shoulder straps. The X750 offers many connections as well. You have a choice of several connection options, including HDMI, USB Type-C, and Wi-Fi. You are able to remote operate the X750 using the VideoScopeNow app. Download images and videos, then distribute them to clients or coworkers in the office.

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