Mitutoyo 293-182-30 | Digital Micrometer QuantuMike IP65 Inch/Metric | Range 2 - 3" (50.8 - 76.2 mm) UAE

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Part Number : 293-182-30

The Mitutoyo digital QuantuMike has a coarser spindle thread that feeds the spindle by 2mm per thimble revolution, rather than the typical 0.5mm. The ratchet thimble mechanism on the coolant-proof micrometre ensures a consistent measuring force on the spindle for accurate, repeatable measurements. The clicks emitted when the work item is being measured ensure the operator that measurement is continuing normally, thanks to a very robust frame and high-performance constant-force mechanism*. Carbide tips resist wear on the measuring faces, allowing for more accurate measurements over time. When the readout is not clearly visible, the micrometer's built-in "Hold" function freezes the displayed value, allowing it to be withdrawn from a workpiece for easier viewing. With SPC data output.

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