Mitutoyo 293-678-20 | Digital Absolute Micrometer QuickMike | Inch/Metric, Range 2 - 3.2" (50.8 - 81.28 mm) UAE

Brand : Image Brand
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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : 293-678-20

The Mitutoyo Digimatic Quickmike coolant proof digital micrometer feeds the spindle at a rate of 10mm per thimble rotation, which is 20 times faster than conventional micrometers. This speed allows for faster measurements of various sized features. Its large measuring range of 30mm / 1.2" allows it to measure a variety of workpieces without losing speed or accuracy. Torsion on softer parts being measured is reduced with a non-rotating spindle and a redesigned ratchet friction thimble. When measuring objects, a ratchet thimble makes it simple to use just one hand. When the micrometer is turned on, the ABSOLUTE linear scale eliminates the need to set the origin point.

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