Mitutoyo 511-756 Dial Bore Gauge Rang 10-16", Graduation .0001" UAE

Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock
Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock

Part Number : 511-756

Offers a longer plunger stroke while maintaining original accuracy. The contact point is made of carbide, which ensures long-term durability and resistance to wear. By expanding the grip size, this model minimises the impact of heat from the operator's hand by 50%. Making the grip hollow-structured allows for high-accuracy measurement to be maintained. Interchangeable 0.5 mm thick washers are included as standard equipment to allow for small step adjustments. For measuring deep holes, optional extension rods can be added. For proper setting of the gauge before measurement, an optional inside-length standard, such as a setting ring or Inside Micro Checker, is required.

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