Mitutoyo 543-782 ABSOLUTE Digimatic Slim Body Economy Indicator ID-S 12.7mm / .5" UAE

Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock
Brand : Image Brand
Stock Status : In Stock

Part Number : 543-782

An economical digital indicator with an extemely long battery life suited to installation in measuring jigs where access may be restricted. ABSOLUTE System scale for error free, high-speed measurement. SPC data output. • Cost-effective and user-friendly type equipped with only the basic functions necessary. • The ABSOLUTE sensor restores the last origin position automatically when the indicator is turned on, and ensures high reliability by eliminating over-speed errors. • Battery life of 20,000 hours in continuous use. • Easy-to-read large LCD readout with a character height of 8.5 mm. • Equipped with a data output port that enables incorporation into measurement networking and statistical process control systems.

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