T-slot cylinder sensor ifm electronic MK5101 - MKT3028BBPKG/G/0,3M UAE

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Brand : Image Brand
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Part Number : MK5101 - MKT3028BBPKG/G/0,3M

  The MK5101 - MKT3028BBPKG/G/0,3M/ZH/AS T-slot cylinder sensor from ifm with GMR cell has a response sensitivity of 2.8 mT at a travel speed of >10 m/s. The cylinder sensors output signal is a normally open contact. The 3-wire connection technology, the convenient retention clip and the strain relief enable quick and secure mounting. This is ensured by the high protection rating IP65/IP67. The sensor is connected via a 0.3 m PUR cable with M8 connector (snap-fit connector). The MK5101 - MKT3028BBPKG/G/0,3M/ ZH/AS T-slot cylinder sensor can be used in packaging, handling machines and in special purpose machine building.

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