Mitutoyo HR-110MR / HR-320MS / HR-430MS SERIES 963 – Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines UAE

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Part Number : HR-110MR / HR-320MS / HR-430MS

• The newly designed frame provides maximum clearance for positioning the workpiece. A table or bench is all that is needed for mounting these testing machines. • Simple to operate. With the analogue type, HR-110MR, the gauge presetting operation has been eliminated by the adoption of an automatic presetting dial gauge. • The HR-430MS uses an automatic steering wheel brake and loading sequence to enable simple test handling. • HR-110MR does not require a power source, and is considered to be environmentally friendly. • The digital types HR-320MS and HR-430MS provide Digimatic output for direct data transfer to the DP-1VA LOGGER Digimatic Mini-Processor, and the USB-ITN-E input tool can be used to connect to a PC for data transfer and processing. • Brinell hardness tests can be performed by using the following optional accessories: a Brinell indenter, a weight set and a measurement microscope.

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